My Personal Journey

Pazzo, ma non solo

Flying to Rome, tired and grimy, I notice a woman wearing a T shirt with “Boys play rock and roll” on the front. As an owner of the same black (very stylish) T shirt, I strike up a conversation about flying across the world to see a rock band.

I was utterly outclassed!

I love U2. I absorb their music through my skin, I dance to their rhythm, I wallow in their magic. And I go to 4-5 concerts each time they tour (like Milan last year). But to this woman from New Jersey I was just a light weight fan. She makes it to over a third of their concerts. Flying all over the world, especially in the States and Europe, to see them. She’s 40, single, manic and fun, a rock n roll die hard.

Half asleep, standing at the baggage carousel waiting for my bags – she talked my ear off and I loved it. I woke up, laughed and envied her freedom. And at the concert last night I fantasized about following the band.

I would not be alone. Crazy, but not alone. I lost count of the number of U2 T shirts from all over the world I saw yesterday. Walking around the Colosseum, in bars, in churches, a wild juxtaposition of the ancient and modern.

Stay in my life, or become a groupie? Nah! Too much else to do. But they are fabulous.