My Personal Journey


The smell of oak smoke from the fireplace.

Flaming Christmas pudding. Crackers. Port.

Church bells. Carols. The church clock chiming all night every half hour outside my window at Church View.


Being told I don’t know how to clean a kitchen floor.

Happily fetching Mummy’s forgotten Kindle from upstairs. Every morning.

Making endless pots of tea. Making soup for the freezer.

Trying not to talk about cancer.

Rain. More rain.

Feminist Ryan Gosling.

The Queen’s speech. Dr Who special.

The incredible kindness of my father. Practicing patience with my father.

Stilton and smoked mackerel pate and pickled onions. Comfort food.

Cousins. Missing my boys. Enjoying my sister, my daughter and her BFF.

Dog barking at a toy train around the tree. Happy, tired, full dog.