Don’t Cat Call to Me – I’m Too Busy!

Really, what are you thinking?

I was walking to work this morning when a man in a car calls out to me “Hey Baby, what are you doing? Nice dress! Hey come over and talk to me. I’ll give you a ride…” and more. I shake him off, try to ignore him, but he’s rolling down his other window, leaning across, calling out what he obviously thinks are smart and endearing comments about my person.

It’s ridiculous, and I am sure ineffective 99.9999% of the time, unless responding to calls like that was my business. Given how conservatively I typically dress, surely it’s obvious I’m not going to respond?

I was raised to be polite, and when a man gets particularly aggressive I also don’t feel safe, so I don’t do what I would like to do which is walk over and give him a piece of my mind about how to treat total strangers on the street – and just how busy I am since it’s a Wednesday morning, and I have a thousand things I have to deal with at the office – give me a break!

Given how annoying I find cat calls, this video on what the world could look like if women cat called men tickled my funny bone. Enjoy!