The new self-help book for entrepreneurs “Build Something Great!

Thinking of starting your own company… or you’re already in it? There’s a fun new self-help book out for entrepreneurs called “Build Something Great!: Fifty Best Tips for High-Tech Startups” that is a must read and excellent reference book for anyone wanting to win the first time.

Written by two of the Simplex founders, professors Resve Saleh and David Overhauser, it boils down valuable startup advice into 50 tips on how to build your own successful venture.

And yes, I admit I’m biased since Resve and David hired me to be their CEO. But we learned a lot together as we built a world class team and important technology family into a really fun company and a very successful IPO.

The book is full of useful and easy to consume advice on the steps you’ll take in building your company. As Aki Fujimura, who was on our team and COO at Simplex, says in his foreward:

“There are a thousand ways to fail and only one or two ways to succeed.
Trying to learn what not to do from a failure only makes it 1/1000th
less likely to fail again. We all make plenty of mistakes of our own. We
can learn from failures in real life without reading a book. The only
way to learn from a book is to learn about what leads to success. The 50
tips here will guide you to help make your company more likely to

The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

The authors in January 1996 (before we were introduced).
David is on the left, Resve is second from the right.