About My Journey

I am a board director, a consultant, and a volunteer mentor to CEOs, future board directors and entrepreneurs.

Photo of Penny Herscher

Born in California, raised in England and a mathematician from Cambridge, I built my career in technology in Silicon Valley. First in the semiconductor industry, then in enterprise software and big data analytics. I’ve written software, headed up marketing, sold, been a CEO twice and sat on several public and private boards. I’ve been through 2 IPOs (my own as CEO and also as a VP) and been on a public company board as we spun a $1B public company. Now I sit on boards and help entrepreneurs, especially women, whenever I can. Add to that a family and a never ending passion for travel and my life is full.


I believe we need to create a world where women have equal opportunity with men. Equal economic opportunity to make money and lead enterprises. Equal opportunity for political power. This is how we create stronger societies and lasting peace.


I travel a great deal, to mentor and for my education and pleasure.

You can see my travel blog here:  https://www.raptroaming.com/  


A friend I made in Wadi Rum.

My travel takes me to some usual places… like Jerusalem

and Gaza.