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Video interview – on raising venture capital as a woman

Pemo Theodore of EZebis is creating a series of interviews with women, and a few men, around the challenges and successes women face raising venture capital.

The low number of women entrepreneurs getting funded (see the WSJ chime in on this, and Techcrunch be controversial as usual) is a hot topic right now. And how and whether women should get extra help. Dip into the comments on these two articles to see how intense people get on the subject.

Here’s my interview with Pemo which she published today:

I’ve been fortunate enough to successfully raise money in the private and public markets over the last 15 years and I have some opinions about what it takes, and why women have to be serious about themselves, and not self sabotage. Bottom line – we need more women going into technology, and staying technology, and getting technical and operating experience. The statistics are not in women’s favor right now and we must change it.

My Personal Journey

Named one of the top 10 women in microelectronics

I was honored today to be named one of the top 10 women in microelectronics by EE Times – you can see the article here.

It’s very nice to be recognized, but the fact that I am being recognized 6 years since I left the industry is also indicative of the sad state of affairs – just how few women make it to the top in that field. The other women in the list are almost all women I know well – there were so few of us how could we not get to know one another?

I am on the Anita Borg Institute board – and this is the reason. There are simply not enough girls in the U.S. staying in math and physics in high school, and not enough girls in the U.S. studying engineering in college and as a result we have too few coming up the technical ranks. It’s a huge exposure for us as a country to be tolerating an education system and media bias which discourages 50% of our population from participating in the critical technology areas that will lead the world in the future. Nuff said – I’ll step back down off my soap box now.


I Am A Technical Woman – Anita Borg Institute

I am at the Grace Hopper Conference today in Tucson Arizona – here as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology. Check out the video the team made last night (and which is at the top of Digg this morning) – it will make you smile and give you sense of the power of this group of young women.

The conference is a spectacular success – 1600 attendees – 99% technical women and 50% students. The energy and enthusiasm for technology is contagious and exciting to see.

The Institute is all about women AND technology: helping women come into and stay into technology – particularly computer science today although we are expanding – and helping the influence of women on technology. We’ve gone from barely surviving 6 years ago when Anita died to now being a thriving organization with a budget of over $3M and an annual conference that is a sellout even in a recession year – and I fully expect that we will continue to grow from here.

Today we are very strong in the IT sector – the majority of our sponsors like Google, HP, IBM, Sun, Cisco, Microsoft, NetApp (to name just a few) to our newer sponsors like SAP and Symantec – are in the IT business but we have strong interest from the financial services sector and the government and defense sectors. I bet today we are going to be talking about how we staff up and bring up some sectors specific programs to bring the leaders in financial services into the Institute. I had the pleasure of meeting with senior women from companies like Goldman Sachs and BP last night and no matter how diverse their businesses are they need and use technology and want diversity in the workforce – and we can help!